Friday, 9 September 2011

Check out our new look blog & Art Journals

It started out with just a small adjustment lol, before I knew it I had loaded a new background and I have to say I really love it!!!  It's pretty funky and colourful and has like a Art Journal flower doodle pattern, so voila!  To be totally honest I was actually trying (totally unsuccessfully) to load a complete 'template' but it wasn't playing very nice so I gave up hehe. 

I realised today that I've just about completely filled one of my Art Journals and it was the 2nd one I started on, granted I glue 2 pages together at a time as the paper is rather lightweight and wouldn't handle the layers of paint and sprays not to mention gesso and ephemera that get thrown on lol!   Today I got out my 1st book that I purchased again which had been a little neglected and worked in it, which was lots of fun.  Both are plain paper 'art journals' I picked them up at my local Riot Store, though one is a spiral bound book which allows the pages to sit 'flat' or you can fold the book around and work on 1 page at a time, the other is a hardbound book (which actually is the 1st book I brought), because of the spine on this one the pages don't sit as flat and as you start doing a few pages it gets quite 'thick' due to no give in the spine....2 books both different to work in!  And to confuse everyone more, I've since started on another 3 lol, yep they are different in their own ways again!!  I plan on taking more pics of finished pages soon,  so I'll take pics of the actual books themselves too and post them, might make a little more sense than my tongue tying typing LOL

Anyway, it's waaaay past my bedtime, I have to be up early to take Rachel to Kindy and my little man Jack comes home from school camp tomorrow arvo....I've missed him heaps, can't wait to see him!!

Thanks for stopping by and hope you like the new look!! 
Take Care, Kaz:)

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