Thursday, 6 September 2012

New 'name'!!!!! new blog!! come join me!! :)

Hi everyone, sorry for the mia over the past week or so. I have been thinking for a little while about changing my old business 'name' to something that reflected me, my art and embraced same.

I am usually pretty ordinary at selecting a name and I can procrastinate on it for a long time! I felt that Kazs Krafty Korner, whilst it's nice, didn't quite fully represent who I was or what I was doing and continuing to do with learning and developing my Art.

So anyways, I have finally decided on a new name, Art takes Flight :) I love it and I hope u do too! I am still rearranging and transferring and creating accounts left, right and centre with the new name, which means for this particular blog addy, I will be closing down in the coming weeks.

Once I get back up and running properly with things like my weekly collage journal, etc you will now find me and all posts from here on in at

Soon I hope to create a piece of art which I can use as part of my new header for the blog, until then it's a little plain....

I hope that my few followers will join my new blog, pretty please?? lol!!!!!

as always, thanks for looking and see you at Art takes Flight :)

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