Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Canvas & Journal cover share & a layout spoiler!!

Hello! ok, so I know I'm a little thin on the posts lol and I noticed that my last 2 were about the same topic Collage Monday 'weekly'!! And considering I have nearly finished my collage page for this week, I was like hmmm, 3 posts in a row may not be that exciting!

Sooooooo, to mix it up a bit, for a change lol, I'm going to share a few things with you!

First up, this is a canvas I did a couple months back. It is a 8x8 size and is based on a monthly Mixed Media kit by Mixed Media Artist Christy Tomlinson in her Scarlet Lime store HERE

Each month Christy does a video tutorial canvas of that particular months kit. The one I am sharing is from April, HERE is Christy's canvases (she did 3), and here is mine, which I pretty much just replicated into one.

Next up is a Journal cover I recently finished (still working on the contents of the journal so that will be a later post). The journal is a Montage Daybook by Amy Tan for American Crafts, it is part of the 'sketchbook' range (I am loving this range right now!. The actual book cover has camera pics all over it and originally it was my intention to have the images peeking through but it just didn't work out that way! It is very messy and grungy and it was loads of fun to do! It was inspired by an online class I took with Christy Tomlinson called 'Your Living Canvas' Christy actually worked in one of these books for one part of the class and this is my version.

And finally, I have a spoiler and a bit of a surprise...well more a surprise for me lol, I have actually done a scrapbook 'paper' layout! I have not done a traditional actual layout page for um, gosh, maybe nearly 2 years??! I'm really liking it and I've wanted to do this style for a long time, here's a sneak peak and I promise I will share later....long as I like how it turns out hehehe, I just have little finishing touches to do.

Finally, please go and check out my friend Lita's blog as I mentioned she is also doing Collage Monday, plus has recently done a great blog post about her Travel Art Kit! Awesome how it all came together, I am definitely on the hunt for a suitable carry bag for my supplies, something more practical & compact than a shopping bag which is heavy, bulky & just not cute! lol

Thanks for letting me share & look out for my Collage Monday 'weekly' page tomorrow :)

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Lita said...

Looking forward to seeing the finished layout Karen!