Sunday, 19 August 2012


Instagram is probably my most favourite app on my iPhone. I love it.
It's gotten me inspired again to taking pics and with the added bonus (my fave part) of snazzying them up with different filters and other cool things like borders, text, masking tape!!

If you are not familiar with Instagram, I came across this recent post by FatMumSlim - How to use Instagram

There's a bunch of different photo apps that let you get a cool look every time. It's great to be able to capture those spontaneous moments & special memories in that old Polaroid style with a modern twist.

The other day I came across this article and I was like OMG!!! How stinkin cute is this, I hope this comes out, at a good price lol

The pictures in Instagram, as with the old Polaroid, are square, which at the moment photo printing booths aren't set up for, I asked in Kmart and they are apparently hoping to be able to include printing Instagram size pics in the near future!

I did, however, come across a site Printstagram which will print your Instagram pics in not only 2 different sizes but also as stickers and other fun things! If anyone knows of anywhere in Australia that can print them, please let me know!! Thanks for looking :)

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